The Power of the Business

Intelligence is Transforming Retail

Retailers can deliver personal, relevant suggestions at scale because consumers no longer see a distinction between online and offline shopping. Whether it’s searching on a laptop, browsing main street shops or hanging out at the mall... it’s all shopping.


To adapt to the competitive new reality, smart retailers are drawing on classic retailing truths of the past by augmenting them using digital commerce to extend their storefronts


Today’s shoppers have become accustomed to doing their own research to get the maximum value out of every dollar they spend, and to feel secure about the purchases they’re making. With this power shift comes a great opportunity for retailers; those that use tools and insights from the web have the opportunity to close the gap between the smart online consumer and the offline retailer, and to stand out in a competitive marketplace. Every moment in a consumer’s decision journey matters. To win these moments, smart retailers need to be there when inspiration strikes consumers and as they start researching purchases online.


People are constantly looking for product information, deals, local availability and local discounts online... retailers who aren’t there to supply the right information when people raise their virtual hand will lose out. Helping retailers deliver relevant suggestions directly to the customer at the right moment can quickly and easily turn intent into action.