Digital Business Development, and Deployment 

Start-ups and small business may have several proprietary and 3rd party applications they need to integrate and manage but medium and large businesses may have thousands. All of these apps need to somehow work together to deliver services to customers and enable the business to function. 


Changes to the application landscape can sometimes involve a multitude of business units, each with a fragmented understanding of the whole and limited consensus around its future state. Attempting to make IT platform changes in a typical business is chaos unless those changes are coordinated around a shared digital business model.


Digital Business Model

Believe it or not, a good portion of businesses don't have a crystalized model of the landscape of their current systems and apps and how they all work together. Architecting how business information needs to flow, and acts as a shared model against which multiple projects should be planned and executed, towards a single unified transformational business vision is a monumental task. 


2bR applies and Agile workflow and project management tools that allow for rapid design and development across distributed teams. They allow for autonomy, oversight, and efficiency, allowing more time for production and less time wasted in meetings. 


Agile Development

Scrum is an agile methodology that can be applied to nearly any project; however, the Scrum methodology is most commonly used in software development. The Scrum process is suited for projects with rapidly changing or highly emergent requirements. Scrum software development progresses via a series of iterations called sprints, which last from one to four weeks. 


System Deployment

Launching software and websites require both market timing and the infrastructure to manage internal teams, technical and customer support. A full launch too soon without proper testing and support can mean "death by crowd" ratings or internal users shying away from using tools that would make them more efficient.