Start-Up Businesses Can Challenge

Even the Best and Brightest of Us

Starting up a company or launching a new project is not for the faint of heart. The allure of it can be exhilarating and it is wondrous when all the pieces fall into place and it results in meteoric success.


But meteoric growth is the exception and for most, building a business takes hard work, commitment, and the business or technology and marketing expertise that the entrepreneur may not possess.  


You can bake the best pizza or invent the next disruptive technology, but if you can't build a solid business around it and keep it relevant...  Well, you won't be the last company with a great idea or product that fails.

2bR specializes in partnering with entrepreneurs and their emerging companies to provide vital business development, strategic planning, creative and technical services.


  • Corporation Set Up, Corporate ID, Registration and Domains 
  • Trademark Registration and Patent Development
  • Feasibility Study, Business Plan, Operations Plan, Financial Plan, Strategic Plan, Technology Plan, Marketing Strategy, Marketing/Social Media Plan, Funding Strategy and Interim Management.
  • Branding, Digital Development, and Marketing
  • Website, Mobile App, and Sofware Development
  • 3rd Party Application Sourcing and Integration