Blockchain and Beyond

The Evolution of the Trust-Based Web

The Paradigm Shift to Trust-Based Decentralized Ledger and Transactions

You have heard the names and perhaps even stuck your toe into cryptocurrencies a bit but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The Blockchain technology is the underpinning of the decentralized secure internet, an internet where core services like DNS and digital identity are decentralized, and where individuals can engage in economic interactions with each other. The blockchain  is an unbreakable chain of secure ledger records whether for smart contracts or secure tokens. Records cannot be changed and a chain of timestamped ownership follows each transaction giving them an unprecedented level of security and certification. There are innovative platforms like Ethereum that open up developers to rapidly deploy vast numbers of apps across industries and consumer applications. Systems in the future that utilize artificial intelligence, smart contracts, and secure transactions will change the face of business and government